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Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ, presentation on Mary of Magdala at Fordham U., 2015        Handout


Mary of Magdala:  Apostle to the Apostles by FutureChurch

Program Note for “Jesus Christ Superstar” by Rita Houlihan

Magdalene’s Rightful Place by Mary C. Boys, SNJM

Women in the Bible and Lectionary by Ruth Fox, OSB

Who Framed Mary Magdalene? by Heidi Schlumpf

Mary Magdalene as Prototype by Sandra Schneiders, IHM

The Mystery of Magdalene by Madeliene Boucher

Gospel Restoration Project for Adults

Gospel Restoration Project for Children

Jesus and Women by Christine Schenk, CSJ

Women in the Ministry of Paul


Brock, Ann Graham, Mary Magdalene, the First Apostle: The Struggle for Authority. HTS 51. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2002.  This has a detailed analysis of the references to MM and to Peter and the male disciples as well as of the limited use of the term “apostle.” The focus is on the question of Authority and how texts are used and mis-used to attribute Authority to some figures in scripture and not to others.

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*Ricci, Carla, Mary Magdalene and Many Others: Women who followed Jesus.  Fortress, 1994. This is fairly short and has a history of the exegetical work done to recover the original understanding of the role of MM. It is short and has facts about 20th c. Biblical scholarship that I did not find in other sources. It is a translation from Italian.

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